Pioneering towards the digital frontier


The business that has now become VimpelCom started when a 25-year-old entrepreneur who spoke no Russian and a 63-year-old scientist who spoke no English met in 1992. They shared a pioneering spirit that inspired them to bring wireless communications to Russia, transforming lives and businesses. Today, the company that Augie K. Fabela II and Dmitry B. Zimin went on to found is one of the largest telecommunications and technology businesses in the world, with over 217 million mobile customers across 14 markets, and networks reaching 10% of the world's population.

To build on this unique opportunity and to ensure the continued success of VimpelCom, we are channeling our entrepreneurial drive into the rapid transformation of our business. We aim to disrupt the traditional telecommunications model and move beyond connectivity into the digital world, as a service to our customers. Our customers drive everything that we do; we have put them at the center of our new business model, focusing on the transformative potential that new technology can trigger in their lives, families, institutions and businesses.

VimpelCom Pioneering

Vision & values

Vision and values

Our vision is to be a pioneer; working at the frontier to unlock new opportunities for customers

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Strength & scale

Strength and scale

We are focusing on globalizing our business model and leveraging synergies

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Chairman & CEO's letter

Chairman and CEO's letter

We began to lay the foundations for an exciting journey that will transform our business models

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Our strategy

Our strategy

There are six key strategic priorities as part of the program that is reinventing VimpelCom

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