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New revenue streams

Capitalize on new revenue streams created by data growth, fixed-mobile convergence and B2B opportunities.

New revenue streams

The move toward a data-centric world is the single biggest industry change away from the traditional voice heavy model. VimpelCom is investing in its 3G and 4G/LTE networks to drive high speed services to its customers and to support the continued strong mobile data traffic growth.

The move toward a data-centric world is the single biggest industry change away from the traditional voice-heavy model. Key factors for success over the next few years for any telecoms operator will be to better manage mobile data pricing and to monetize the growth in mobile data traffic. Therefore, VimpelCom strives to ensure that it offers a proactive and customer-centric transition from legacy voice pricing to data-centric pricing with bundled tariff plans, with the ambition to retail and ultimately grow ARPU. Mobile data offerings are already becoming a significant decision factor for certain customer segments, and VimpelCom expects this trend to continue.

VimpelCom believes that its customers have an increasing demand for seamless mobile and fixed-line services as they switch between devices and locations. With significant broadband infrastructure currently in place in five key markets, VimpelCom is well-positioned to capitalize on this convergence. Having launched convergent household bundles in one of the largest markets and achieved increased retention and revenues, VimpelCom plans to continue to drive fixed mobile convergence (FMC) adoption in other markets, launching integrated 3P and 4P bundles while smartly expanding its fixed footprint.

VimpelCom believes that there is B2B growth potential in all markets, particularly with respect to SMEs interested in a variety of products like mobile and fixed convergence, big data management, etc. By tapping into underserved customer segments, extending offering and improving service quality, VimpelCom plans to turn B2B into a growth engine, unlocking opportunities across major segments.

Banglalink heads to campus for the 3G push

In September 2015, Banglalink launched the 3G awareness push with a tour of leading universities and colleges around Bangladesh.

“Banglalink has long focused on important communities in driving our growth efforts, and now that we have 3G, we see the university campuses as a critical battleground and a key priority for potential growth and innovation,” said Shihab Ahmad, Banglalink's Chief Commercial Officer. “We are reaching out to thousands of students to share the endless possibilities that await them, embodying the indomitable spirit in this era of digitalization, and we are presenting Banglalink as the fastest and most innovative service on the market.”

The campus campaign, with special offers tailored to students, involved visits to five major institutions around the country, where Banglalink engaged students through the use of interactive branded gaming booths, 3G experience booths for demonstrating the relative speed of 3G, and displayed the benefits of the MyBanglalink self-care app.

Also playing a key role is Banglalink Mela, Banglalink's Facebook page, which now has 5.1 million followers, 3.1 million of whom are in the 18-24 age bracket. This social media presence is critical to Banglalink's ability to engage the youth market, and is used extensively to support events around Bangladesh.

2015 Milestones

  • Data revenue growth 24% YoY in FY15
  • Strong focus on developing the device portfolio and monobrand footprint
  • Dedicated B2B division to focus on the enterprise segment
  • Leverage the fixed broadband operations in five countries with 3.4 million customers