Pioneering towards the digital frontier

Vision and values

Our vision

VimpelCom's vision is to be a pioneer, working at the frontier to unlock new opportunities for customers as they navigate the digital world.

As pioneers, we travel light, respect the world around us, move quickly and are at home at the frontier.

Reconnecting with our pioneering spirit has given us the impetus to begin a major transformation focused on bringing the digital world to each and every customer – unlocking opportunity and enabling everyone to lead richer lives. We are pioneering towards the digital frontier, within the sizeable growth markets VimpelCom operates in.

To seize these opportunities as well as to implement a major transformation of VimpelCom, we are moving toward our vision with a speed and commitment that we believe distinguishes us from the competition.

Our values

Our pioneering spirit is the bedrock of our culture; it unites us around the world, guides our decisions and conscience, and challenges us to deliver greater value for our customers. It challenges us to be curious, to lead, to dare to try something new, always with our customers' needs and trust at the center of everything we do.

A pioneering spirit is in our DNA


When we founded VimpelCom in 1992, the world was a very different place, but our ambition for the business hasn't changed. It has always been about the spirit we started the business with - our appetite to be pioneers, to discover new ways of doing things that will always delight and surprise our customers, and ultimately, to unlock new opportunities for our customers who, today, are just learning how to navigate the digital world.

Over the last 25 years, VimpelCom has pushed the boundaries to deliver transformational change, but the transformation we're undergoing today is the most ambitious and exciting of all.

Our industry and the world today stand at a crossroads. The new digital revolution brings tools to address and leapfrog development challenges from access to education and healthcare to innovative governance and open collaboration, diminishing geographical borders and creating new opportunities for the next generation.

We need to meet the challenge of the digital revolution head on, with a bold vision that remains true to our pioneering heritage and one that continues to push the boundaries of exploration across new frontiers. We are proud that the team leading the business through this transformation has this vision and expertise to take us on the journey.

A transformational journey

Augie K. Fabela

How has the business changed since its inception?

We have over 217 million customers, that is more subscribers than AT&T and Verizon. From our early beginnings, with just 16 pioneers, based in one city, we now have 59,000 employees across 14 markets. The growth of our business has always been driven by the same thirst to innovate, challenge the status quo and operate at the frontier.

How are you expecting the industry to develop in 2016?

My prediction for 2016 is that we will see some very innovative digitally-led products coming out of the emerging markets that have the potential to disrupt the industry in a significant way. I'm excited about the role we can play in bringing these to our customers and look forward to the dynamic and unexpected collaborations that will deliver the best digital services globally. And finally, I think we'll see further blurring of geographical boundaries, as products begin to truly transcend market borders.

What are the key challenges facing the industry?

The industry is in a state of flux as many of our peers seek to meet the changing needs and demands of customers, while competing with the many digital services available. I believe this presents a challenge but also a very exciting opportunity; we have the trust of our customers and the infrastructure to offer them innovative and game-changing products that can unlock opportunities and enrich their lives.

I believe we are uniquely placed to embrace this chapter in our industry's evolution.

We are:

  • Customer-obsessed
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Truthful