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World class operations

VimpelCom is committed to creating a superior customer experience, optimizing distribution and developing superior pricing capabilities, while continuously upgrading its networks.

World class operations

There has been a systematic effort involving dedicated analytics and research to continuously optimize customer experience and drive superior pricing through integrated mobile bundles that combine traditional voice with SMS and, most importantly, data. VimpelCom believes that these measures will provide value to its customers while at the same time protecting VimpelCom’s revenue stream from cannibalization among various services, such as SMS and instant messaging. In order to optimize its distribution, VimpelCom focuses on the most efficient channels in each market. VimpelCom expects these actions to reduce churn and significantly reduce its retention and commercial costs, while maintaining and strengthening its position as a market leader in NPS.

In order to deliver on the ambition to be a world class operator, VimpelCom has also put strong focus on building a solid and experienced management team. In 2015 the executive team was rebuild and 75% of executives are new to the company – but not to the industry or the respective field of expertise. Alongside wider managerial changes in the group, a strong foundation has been laid to help VimpelCom execute the challenges ahead.

The focus of the team is to create a culture of ethical behavior, which is a key factor in shaping a positive company reputation towards all stakeholder groups. VimpelCom has a zero tolerance approach entailing no acceptance of breaches of procedures or the Code of Conduct.

Customer Experience Centre of Excellence in Moscow

One of VimpelCom’s most successful Customer Experience initiatives in recent years will receive renewed momentum following the recent launch of a new Center of Excellence in Moscow. Centers of Excellence are a vital part of VimpelCom’s strategy to drive customer-centricity. They will drive the continued use of the NPS methodology, which was first introduced in 2013.

Moscow was selected for this Center of Excellence as Beeline Russia has shown tremendous improvements resulting from building a Net Promoter System and embedding Usability Testing in its product development cycle. These improvements started after Russia launched a transformation program in the fourth quarter of 2013, focusing on Customer Excellence and implementing a cultural shift to a customer-centric organization.

Examples of the initiatives introduced were the introduction of the mobile self-service application, the SMS spam filter, transparent and simplified pricing by introducing bundled tariff plans and attractive device offerings.

The initiatives were reflected in a 20-point jump in NPS, closing the gap against Beeline’s main competitors. These improvements led to significant improvements in the churn of customers, especially customers with a lifetime value of more than 12 months, as well as customer growth in 2015.

Several of the key members of the Russian Customer Experience team will join the newly created Center of Excellence in Moscow to help with the roll out of Customer Experience in other operating companies.

2015 Milestones

  • Implementing a global operating model
  • Strengthened the management team
  • Focus on NPS with leadership position in 7 countries